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Children’s Dental Care

As your community’s children’s dentist, we look forward to helping you look after your kids’ teeth - from infancy to their teenager years and beyond.
Child Education Dental at Niddrie Plaza
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Our team have put a lot of thought into making your child’s experience at the dentist a positive one. ​

We pay particular attention to managing phobias many youngsters have.

Our devoted children’s dental care involves as little invasiveness as is possible.

Get them comfortable at the dentist

We understand that not everyone may like visiting the dentist; however, it is vital that children get used to coming in to see the dentist while they are young to help them form good lifelong associations. Our approachable, down-to-earth, and easy going team are here to put your family at ease and to ensure your children always have a pleasant experience when they visit us.

While children are growing, we monitor their facial growth and dental development closely. This will help avoid crowding of teeth and jaw issues. We also assess and address factors such as large tonsils, sleep apnoea or snoring, mouth breathing, and thumb sucking.

Bring your children to see us so that we can diagnose any problems early and your child can develop a happy, healthy, trusting relationship with our children’s dentist.

We recommend that children start seeing the dentist when their first teeth appear or by the time they turn one year old.

You are welcome to bring them in earlier if you have any questions or concerns. Young children generally only need to see the dentist every 6-12 months. We will talk to you about this at your appointment.​

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Kids Complete Examination and Clean with Flouride and X-rays as required.

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