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Experience a Seamless Wisdom Teeth Removal in Niddrie

Experience a smooth and stress-free wisdom teeth removal at our clinic in Niddrie. We provide comfortable, efficient, and advanced treatment for a minimal recovery time.

Wisdom teeth removal is a great way to take back your comfort. It eliminates pain and discomfort caused by emerging wisdom teeth.

Removing wisdom teeth prevents damage to adjacent teeth caused by impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted or misaligned wisdom teeth provide a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to infection. Removing them reduces the risk of infection, which can lead to serious health problems.

Wisdom teeth removal procedure in Niddrie makes maintaining oral hygiene in the back of the mouth easier, thus improving oral health.

Wisdom teeth can affect overall teeth alignment. Having them removed creates more space for existing teeth to align properly for a balanced look, enhancing facial appearance.

Uncover the Truth About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, often cause problems as they try to emerge from the gums. This can lead to pain, infection, and damage to other teeth.

Dental @ Niddrie provides quick and safe services, alleviating pain and preventing further damage. We design personalised treatment plans to provide each patient with quality care.

Evaluating Candidacy for Wisdom Teeth Removal

A wisdom teeth removal procedure in Niddrie is necessary when they are causing problems such as pain, infection, and damage to other teeth.

Our team will consider factors and any existing dental problems to find out if you are an eligible patient for wisdom teeth removal.

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If your wisdom teeth have been obstructing the growth of other nearby teeth or are impacted, it may be time to consider removal as a prevention method for potential infection and discomfort.

If your teeth are overcrowded, wisdom tooth removal could be the dental procedure for you. This will help prevent further shifting and alignment issues in future orthodontic treatments.

If your wisdom teeth are at a high risk of decay or gum disease, it may be necessary for you to consider having them removed to avoid further dental complications.

If you have a heightened chance of developing issues with your wisdom teeth, extraction as a preventative measure might be a suitable option for you.

Dental Issues That We Can Help You With

Having a healthy smile is important for your overall well-being. We provide a range of treatments to help you look after your teeth and gums, from regular check-ups to more advanced treatments.

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Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Smile – Book Your Appointment with Dental @ Niddrie.

Achieving a healthier smile starts with taking the first step, and Dental @ Niddrie is here to help. Our team of skilled dental professionals is committed to providing top-notch dental care to our patients.

Why Choose Dental @ Niddrie

Experience quality dental care services and advanced technology at Dental @ Niddrie.

Highly Experienced Dental Team

Our dental team has extensive experience in performing secure and efficient wisdom teeth removal.

Advanced Technology

We utilise advanced dental technology and techniques for patient comfort during wisdom teeth removal while reducing recovery time.

Comprehensive Care

Dental @ Niddrie provides patients with a full range of oral health services—from wisdom teeth removal to other procedures—all under one roof, for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Commonly asked questions regarding wisdom teeth extraction in Niddrie and post-surgery care are addressed in this FAQ.

Wisdom teeth usually emerge between 17 and 21, but can appear later in life. However, some people may experience an earlier or later eruption of their wisdom teeth, which can be influenced by factors such as genetics, the size of the jaw, and the position of the teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth may also erupt in childhood or not emerge until the individual is in their thirties or forties.

Professional dental care for wisdom teeth removal is always recommended. The benefits of undergoing a wisdom teeth extraction in Niddrie can be as follow:

  • Prevention of infection. 
  • Lessen the chance of overcrowding.
  • Avoid misalignment of teeth.
  • Improved cosmetic results and a healthier smile appearance.
  • Increased comfort when eating or speaking.
  • Prevent future oral health issues.

At our dental clinic, we understand the importance of taking good care of your mouth, teeth, and gums. We offer a full range of dental services, including wisdom teeth removal procedures. Our team is committed to providing safe and quality dental treatments while addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

While a wisdom teeth removal procedure in Niddrie is generally considered a safe treatment, some risks will be discussed by your dentist. These potential risks include:

  • Jaw pain and swelling.
  • Damage or infection to the adjacent tooth.
  • Swallowing of blood clots that can obstruct the airway.
  • Excessive bleeding, which may need a secondary procedure.

At Dental @ Niddrie, we understand these risks. We take all steps to minimise them during your wisdom tooth extraction procedure. We will always talk to you in detail about any potential risks associated with the treatment and answer all your questions. Our team is dedicated to delivering safe, quality removal of wisdom tooth treatments that meet your needs

Patients need to follow a few simple steps to prepare for wisdom teeth removal in Niddrie:

  1. You will need to arrange an initial consultation with your dentist. They can assess the size and position of the teeth before proceeding with treatment during your initial visit.

  2. It is important to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for about 8 hours before surgery. These can affect healing afterwards.

  3. Your dentist might advise you not to eat anything before your surgery to prevent nausea during the procedure.

  4. You may want to take a painkiller the night before your procedure.

  5. Arrange for someone to drive you home as it is not recommended to drive if you were administered anaesthesia.

Stock up on soft foods, such as yoghurt and smoothies, as you would be advised to eat only soft foods for a few days after your wisdom teeth removal.

On the day of the wisdom teeth extraction in Niddrie, make sure to arrive on time and follow any pre-operative instructions. Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the mouth area. Your dentist will provide instructions and prescribe pre-surgery medications to prepare you for your procedure.

Once treatment is completed, it is essential to rest and allow time for healing after wisdom teeth removal in Niddrie. Keep up with regular oral hygiene routines. Ask if your dentist recommends any special care procedures before returning to normal activities. Contact your dentist for further advice if you experience pain or discomfort.

The length of the procedure may depend on the complexity of your case. Generally, wisdom tooth removal in Niddrie takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Sometimes, a sedative or general anaesthesia may be used for your comfort and safety during the procedure.
Following your dentist’s instructions after wisdom teeth removal in Niddrie is important. You may be advised to eat only soft foods, avoid strenuous physical activity, and take medication for pain relief. Be sure to heed the advice of your dentist and refrain from any activities that could impede your recovery

The cost may vary depending on several factors and individual needs. The average cost of a simple wisdom tooth extraction in Niddrie ranges from $225 to $600. Surgical removal may cost between $380 and $480.

Oral sedation options like local anaesthetics may also incur an additional cost that needs to be considered before starting the procedure.

Please talk to our friendly team about common issues and suitable options available. During a consultation, we can assess your needs and provide you with a personalised treatment plan, including associated costs. Health Fund benefits may be applicable.

Checking with your health fund provider can also help determine the level of cover before undergoing a a removal of wisdom teeth.

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