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Access Quality Dental Care in Victoria with VGDS

Dental @ Niddrie provides Victorians with accessible and quality dental care by participating in the Victorian General Dental Scheme (VGDS). This scheme helps eligible adults and children receive much-needed services at a lower cost.

Experience the Advantages of VGDS for Optimal Oral Health

The VGDS was established to bring affordable dental care to eligible Victorians. Anyone assessed as being unable to pay will be exempt from co-payment fees. However, providers can charge $30.50 for people aged 18 years and over who hold a health care or pensioner concession card or are dependants of concession card holders.

Children aged 0-12 who are not healthcare or pensioner concession card holders or are not dependants of concession cardholders will be charged a flat fee of $36 for general dentistry care.

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Learn How the Victorian General Dental Scheme Works for Dental Treatment

If you meet the requirements, VGDS provides a great opportunity to take advantage of the expansive selection of dental services offered at Dental @ Niddrie.

Schedule an appointment with Dental @ Niddrie.

Schedule an appointment with our clinic and mention that you are using the Victorian General Dental Scheme.

Come to your appointment.

Present your voucher from the Victorian General Dental Scheme, and our friendly staff will check if you're eligible for our dental services.

Pay the co-payment fee.

Before commencing dental treatments, you must pay the co-payment fee of $30.50 for adults and $36 for children.

Enjoy the treatment.

Once the necessary preparations have been completed, the dentist will initiate treatment appropriate to your needs.

Eligibility Requirements for Victoria General Dental Scheme

Those who are eligible for VGDS are Victorian residents, including children aged 0-12 years, children and teenagers who are 13-17 years old who are healthcare or pensioner concession card holders or dependants of concession card holders, as well as those 18 and older with a valid healthcare/pensioner concession card.

Furthermore, all children and youths in out-of-home care administered by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, those who are in youth justice custodial care, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and all refugees and asylum seekers qualify.

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