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Ximena Rojas

Associate Dentist

Dr. Ximena Rojas earned a Bachelor of Dentistry degree from the National University of Colombia in 2009. Dr. Ximena began her career in Colombia, providing treatment in the public and private sectors as a general dentist for four years. Motivated by her particular interest in oral rehabilitation, Dr. Ximena completed a post-Graduate degree in Prosthodontics at the National University of Colombia, receiving her degree in 2015. 

Passionate about cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Ximena keeps up to date with the latest dental technology and procedures, giving patients comfort and confidence during their dental treatment. 

Dr. Ximena decided to move and settle in Australia after falling in love with the country’s beauty and culture whilst on vacation. When Dr. Ximena is not making smiles at the practice, she enjoys making smiles with her family and friends, travelling, watching movies (over and over!), and listening to music.

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